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Medical Certificates and Self Certification

DOT Physical and Commercial Driver’s License Policy



401K Payroll Authorization Form

401K Highlights

401K Trustees

401K Payroll Authorization Form Fax the completed form to 509-321-3069.

401K Defferal Election: Participants in the Trans-System, Inc. 401(k) Plan may now execute a separate election to change the amount of 401(k) or Roth deferrals from their bonus pay.  If no new election is made, your existing election will apply to any bonus compensation. 
A bonus election form has been attached to your 4th quarter statements. The form will also be available on the TSI intranet, or you may contact Julie McCullough for a form.   It is not necessary to complete this form if you want 401(k) to come out of any future bonus pay at your existing contribution percentage. 
If you are currently not participating in the 401(k) plan or are not yet eligible but wish to participate in the future, you will have the option to designate your deferral percentage on bonus pay on the 401(k) Payroll Authorization Form when you sign up.

Payroll History

Click on the following link to view your Payroll History

Online Training Center

(Contact your Driver Manager or x3962 for your username and password)


Qualcom Hours of Service Reports

***Only for those drivers that are using the electronic logs feature of the new Qualcom Satellite unit.***


Emergency Numbers

Accidents/Injuries, cargo problems, any police or insurance calls, as well as hazardous or unsafe conditions, or load securement questions that occur after hours call Road Service at 800-346-3732

If Road Service can not be reached call Lori Wilcox, Safety Manager, at 509-979-2632

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Worker's Compensation

Rules & Regulations

Employee Health Insurance