The best supply chain solutions need the best equipment.

Supply chain interruptions are more than just an inconvenience, they’re a significant expense.  We invest heavily in our equipment to ensure our fleet of refrigerated vans delivers efficient, reliable service for every load.  Our tractors have an average age of just 2.5 years, and each is equipped with the latest technologies in safety, environmental responsibility and driver comfort.


A typical tractor in our fleet is a late-model Kenworth less than 2 ½ years old with additional features such as an APU, inverter, built-in refrigerator, and more.


Every tractor has a lane departure & forward collision warning system, hard brake monitoring, and a satellite communication device installed.


We have invested in building our own shops, staffing a 24/7/365 road service staff, and developed a robust network of outside shops to keep our trucks rolling.