Essential Tools for Truck Drivers on the Road – Part 2

Essential Tools for Truck Drivers on the Road – Part 2

Essential Tools for Truck Drivers on the Road – Part 2 1920 960 TW Transport

Part 2 is here! We are talking about some essential tools that every TW Transport Refrigerated and Heavy Haul Driver needs. Here’s part 2 of our ongoing series, “Essential Tools for Truck Drivers on the Road.”

Spare Cell Phone

Instead of throwing away an old cell phone you should consider keeping it in case something happens to your primary phone. At the very least you can use the spare phone for texting and calling if there is an emergency. Also, make sure that your reserve cell phone has all the important phone numbers already on it in the event you can’t access the numbers on your primary phone.

Spare Sunglasses

Sun glare is at its highest during dawn and dusk. Did you know that sun glare is worse for truck drivers during the fall/winter season because the sun is closer to the horizon? The lower angle of the sunlight makes it difficult for drivers to see the road ahead, particularly when the sun is setting. The sun hits drivers’ windshields from the front. The sun will then bounce off the rearview mirror and create a glare when it’s behind them. That’s why it is smart to have a spare pair of sunglasses in your truck. At the next rest stop or fuel station, be sure to equip yourself with a pair of cheap sunglasses. An extra pair of sunglasses is essential for your tool kit in case you need them.

Air Line Antifreeze

Air brake antifreeze is mandatory in colder parts of the United States. You can buy it in small amounts in a 1-gallon jug. Get the 1-gallon jug for your truck. Air Line Antifreeze is great for preventing your airlines from freezing when the temperature falls below freezing.

Extra Blankets

Having a regular blanket is good regardless of the weather outside. Make sure you have at least one reserve blanket as a part of your tool kit, especially during the winter months.

12 Volt Heated Blanket

And speaking of having an extra blanket – why not have a heated one? A trucker tool kit for winter is not complete without a 12-volt heated blanket to keep you warm. These blankets are great! Surprisingly they don’t use a lot of energy either. We recommend doing your own research to determine which is the best 12-volt blanket for your particular needs and truck. 

We will be covering more essential trucker tools each month on our blog. Stay tuned!

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