Why Truck Drivers Are Choosing TWT Refrigerated

Why Truck Drivers Are Choosing TWT Refrigerated

Why Truck Drivers Are Choosing TWT Refrigerated 640 480 TW Transport

TWT Refrigerated Service has been hauling what builds & feeds America since 1973! Today we are still keeping the country running with great drivers like you behind the wheel. Refrigerated trucking companies provide a valuable service to our country. By transporting fresh produce, groceries, medical supplies, and other temperature-sensitive goods, refrigerated trucks allow stores to keep their shelves stocked for consumers. A significant percentage of the trucks you see on the highway are refrigerated trucks (a.k.a. reefer vans or reefers).


Driving a refrigerated truck is one of the most fundamental jobs there is:  bringing fresh food from the farm (distributors) to the people (stores). Reefers are the reason people from Maine can have ripe avocados, people from Utah can have fresh lobster, and a small milk farmer can be distributed to a large chain of grocery stores.  Reefers keep food fresh and safe as it makes its way across town and the country. They are essential to the economy and country.

However, because refrigerated cargo is perishable and must be kept at a consistent, specific temperature, extra training is needed. If temperature requirements are not strictly followed the cargo is at risk of being spoiled and therefore a total loss – or worse, the cargo could become a public health hazard. TWT Refrigerated provides PAID TRAINING and Orientation to ensure every truck driver knows the proper procedures for ensuring their refrigerated load is secure, safe and temperature-controlled at all times.

7 Reasons to Drive Refrigerated Freight at TWT!

  1. Typically, reefer drivers earn more money – and that’s especially true at TWT Refrigerated! 
  2. Fresh food is always in demand so there’s a consistent demand for reefer drivers, no matter how well the economy is doing.
  3. Long haul drives are common which usually means more money for you, the TWT truck driver.
  4. Lumpers or people who unload trucks often will unload your cargo for you. 
  5. If you do have to unload your cargo, a cool, refrigerated trailer is nicer than tractor trailers that are sweltering in the summer heat.
  6. Some dry loads can be hauled in the reefer which doubles the possibilities for filling deadhead loads. 
  7. Most grocery stores and grocery chains have dedicated loading docks so they’re usually easy to maneuver into.

Is driving a TWT Refrigerated truck right for you? Some things to consider include; reefers often need to be early-morning deliveries so there can be a lot of night driving. Also, due to the importance of protecting the freight by strictly controlling the temperature and keeping the trailer interior washed and clean, there is more work that goes along with higher pay. However, the added responsibility is the reason why many drivers choose to drive a reefer.  Add to that less competition for jobs and work stability even in the worst of economic times, driving as a TWT reefer can be a rewarding and lucrative challenge.

Are you interested in joining the TWT Refrigerated Fleet? 

Are you currently working for a carrier that doesn’t recognize and reward your accomplishments? Are you frustrated with your current pay package and lack of career opportunities where you are right now? Join TWT Refrigerated! We value our drivers and appreciate the essential work you do. If you’re a refrigerated or heavy haul truck driver in the western region or west coast with a CDL Class A License, apply for a TWT truck driving job today! We can’t wait to hear from you. APPLY NOW >

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